Get Client ID on Front-End (JavaScript, React.js, etc.)

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Adding Client IDs via JavaScript is convenient if you don't have access to the source code of the site, for example, when using SaaS services (WIX, Tilda, etc).

1. In the site header, before the </head> connect the file (exactly this option, otherwise there may be problems with Google Adwords):

<script  type="text/javascript" data-skip-moving="true">
COPY content from file - https://static.flamix.info/js/conversion/script.js

2. As a result, in the browser Console, if you enter the variable UF_CRM_FX_CONVERSION, it should display its value: download.png

3. Below, add the following code, where .flamix-conversion input need be replaced with your form ID:

<script  type="text/javascript" data-skip-moving="true">
var UF_CRM_FX_CONVERSION = FlamixConversion.getPreparedParams();
	UF_CRM_FX_CONVERSION = FlamixConversion.getPreparedParams();
	var flamix_conversion_el = document.querySelectorAll('.flamix-conversion input');
	for (var i = 0; i < flamix_conversion_el_test.length; i++) {
	console.log('Flamix Conversion Plugin Works!');
}, 3000);